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Job opportunities

The ASX team brings together talented people from a diverse range of disciplines, united by a drive to create a world-class service. Whatever your passion, we’re likely to have a role to match

Why join us?

When you join ASX, you’ll be joining a dynamic global leader with a record of innovation and a reputation for integrity, transparency and professionalism. You’ll also enjoy an impressive range of employee benefits and a flexible working environment underpinned by a friendly and collaborative culture.


Ready to join?

ASX Graduate Program 

Applications are now closed.

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As one of the world’s leading financial market exchanges, ASX operates at the heart of the Australian financial markets. Through the expertise, experience and passion of its people ASX works to ensure its operations are built on the foundations of quality, security, resilience and trust.

For our next two year graduate program which will start in January 2022, here at ASX we are looking for early adopters of new technology, innovative and data - driven thinkers who are able to undertake comprehensive analysis. 

Current opportunities


Name Size Upload Date
Senior full stack developer
110KB 17/09/2021
Connectivity support specialist
107KB 10/09/2021
Senior engineer - Salesforce
132KB 08/09/2021
Incident defect manager
143KB 08/09/2021
Senior automation test engineer - Clearing and Products
Maximum term until June 2022
449KB 02/09/2021
Identity and access developer
131KB 26/08/2021
Solution designer - Data
125KB 23/08/2021
Lead business analyst - Hubble
116KB 04/08/2021

Business Development

Name Size Upload Date
Business development manager - Tech
598KB 13/08/2021
Sales Manager, Settlement Collateral
467KB 09/08/2021


Name Size Upload Date
Risk quantitative analyst
110KB 17/09/2021
Senior manager, Enterprise Risk
130KB 23/08/2021


Name Size Upload Date
Officer, Equity Operations
Maximum term until April 2023
483KB 12/08/2021
Officer, Margins Operations
12 month max term
466KB 03/08/2021

Office of General Counsel

Name Size Upload Date
Regulatory and policy analyst
106KB 24/08/2021

Strategy and Executive

Name Size Upload Date
Strategy analyst
562KB 01/04/2021

Chief Financial Officer - Office

Name Size Upload Date


Name Size Upload Date


Name Size Upload Date

Human Resources

Name Size Upload Date

Business Development - New Zealand

Name Size Upload Date

HR Privacy Statement

ASX is collecting your personal information to consider your application for employment. Failure to provide this information is likely to prevent us from processing your application. As part of assessing your application, we may contact your referees or previous employers. If your application for employment is successful, we will need to use your information for other employment related purposes, which we will discuss with you upon your appointment. ASX may from time to time use external service providers but will not disclose the personal data you provide to any other organisations or individuals outside the ASX Group, unless it is required or authorised by law to do so or you consent to the disclosure. ASX does not generally provide personal data to overseas parties but does use international service providers for technological solutions. You can access the information you provide to ASX as part of your application by contacting HR. Refer to ASX's Privacy Statement for further details.