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International Women's Day

ASX is proud to support International Women’s Day and is pleased to continue its tradition of  ‘ringing the bell’ for gender equality

Ringing the bell for gender equality

ASX is a proud supporter of International Women’s Day and is pleased to continue its tradition of ‘ringing the bell’ for gender equality. 

ASX is part of a global collaboration of more than 70 stock exchanges to take part in the ‘ring the bell’ initiative to raise awareness about the business case for women’s economic empowerment, and the opportunities to advance gender equality and sustainable development of women in the workplace. 

This initiative is organised by Women in ETFs, UN Global Compact, UN Women, Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative, IFC and World Federation of Stock Exchanges. Each year, ASX also partners with a non-profit association focused on promoting empowerment of women towards gender equality, and invites them to ring the bell for our joint cause. 

ASX’s Commitment to Gender Equality 

ASX has consistently been recognised as an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality by the Australian Government's Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA), a citation we have held since 2014.  To encourage greater representation of women at all levels in the organisation, ASX has put in place a number of initiatives. These include:

  • Setting gender diversity targets. Achievements against these targets are monitored by the Remuneration Committee;
  • Requiring gender-balanced shortlists when recruiting all roles;
  • Embedding gender equality targets as part of an executive’s balanced score card and reviewing executive’s achievement against these targets when determining short-term incentive;
  • Undertaking annual pay equity reviews and making adjustments where a gap is identified;
  • Participating in the Chief Executive Women Leaders’ Program that provides individual coaching for participants;
  • Supporting Male Champions of Change with our CEO as a member
  • Supporting ASX's ‘Our Women's Network’, an employee-led networking group that champions equal opportunities and representation in the workforce.

ASX’s OWN network is a group of committed ASX employees leading the conversation on gender diversity at ASX. OWN focuses on four priorities:

  1. Community and giving back
  2. Education and embedding
  3. Talent and development
  4. Awareness and communication.

OWN has set the standard for employee-led interest groups and hosted numerous networking and speaker events. These have provided everyone at ASX, men and women alike, development opportunities and empowered thinking about gender inclusivity.

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