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Adopting responsible business practices

Our stakeholders have growing expectations about how we manage our supplier partnerships, minimise our impact on the environment and continue to be a respected corporate citizen.

ASX takes its responsibility as a corporate citizen seriously. We are committed to doing the right thing by all our stakeholders and the community in which we operate. We believe this is more than just managing our business in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. It also includes being ethical and responsible in how we conduct ASX’s operations.

Building supplier partnerships

We actively manage our supplier relationships with a view to our supply chain being cost-effective, innovative, risk-managed, sustainable, fair and ethical.

Tax transparency

As a responsible corporate citizen, ASX believes in paying its fair share of tax. We are a signatory to the voluntary Tax Transparency Code issued by the Australian Government Board of Taxation. Each year we release our Tax Transparency Report as part of the suite of annual reporting documents published on ASX’s website.

Tax is an important sub-segment of ASX’s robust corporate governance and risk management framework. We take a low risk strategy to managing our tax position by meeting all our taxation obligations, adopting a conservative approach to the interpretation of applicable legislation, seeking professional third party advice when the potential taxation outcome is unknown, and not entering into transactions or structures that have the primary objective of reducing tax liabilities.

In FY20, ASX’s total tax contribution was $357.0 million.

FY20 environmental outcomes

Electricity and paper usage FY19 FY20 % change from prior year
Electricity GHG1 emission (excluding) ASX's data centre hosting) per $1000 of revenue generated 0.0097 0.0087 -10%
(in t CO2 -e2)      
Paper usage (excluding CHESS statements and notifications) by headcount (tonnes) 0.0125 0.0077 -38%
1Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
2Tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent
Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions Unit 2018 2019 2020 % change from prior year
Scope 1 - diesel and gas1 t CO2 -e 44.71 29.56 30.12 2%
Scope 2 - electricity t CO2 -e 14,330 15,065 14,762 -2%
GHG emissions by activity Unit 2018 2019 2020 % change from prior year
Scope 1 - combustion of diesel and gas1 t CO2 -e 40 30 30 2%
Scope 2 - electricity (data centre hosting)
               - electricity (remainder of ASX's business)
t CO2 -e
t CO2 -e

Scope 3 - travel (business travel and commuting)
 - paper usage (office)
 - Paper usage (CHESS statements and notifications)
t CO2 -e
t CO2 -e
t CO2 -e
Paper usage Unit 2018 2019 2020 % change from prior year
Office use tonnes 6.80 8.12 5.46 -33%
CHESS statements and notifications tonnes 79 77 103 34%
1In FY20 this calculation has been updated to more accurately reflect actual emissions during the period. Past years have also been updated for consistency.
2GHG emissions reported are inclusive of carbon offset. ASX commenced using 100% carbon neutral paper in 2015.