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Our commitment to our customers

ASX customer charter

ASX has a large and diverse customer base, including almost 2,200 listed companies and issuers, approximately 180 participants in the cash equity and derivatives markets, and four exchanges for clearing and settlement services. ASX customers in turn service Australia’s corporations, superannuation sector, funds management industry and millions of retail investors.

In 2012 ASX adopted a Customer Charter that sets out how the company balances the interests of its customers, shareholders and the broader financial markets.

We want our customers to succeed, grow and be profitable. The Customer Charter does not mean that we’ll always agree with our customers; we may adopt different positions when it comes to the best way to secure the future of Australia’s financial markets. But it is because differences may arise that we need to engage more, not less.

The ASX Customer Charter makes the following commitments. That ASX:

  • Works with its customers to deliver products and services that meet their needs and that provide them with choice
  • Supports Australia’s aspiration to be globally competitive and become one of the leading financial centres in the Asia Pacific region
  • Makes its products and services available on a non-discriminatory basis and on reasonable commercial terms
  • Manages its businesses and operations on a commercial basis to benefit its customers and provide appropriate returns to ASX shareholders
  • Recognises its role as a provider of critical financial infrastructure to the Australian financial markets, and makes the necessary investments to ensure it can fulfil this role and provide confidence to market participants, investors and regulators
  • Runs its operations in compliance with all legal and regulatory obligations
  • Has conflict handling arrangements in place that provide assurance and transparency about the way ASX conducts its business.