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Investor Update 

June 2021

GPT Group (ASX: GPT)’s 50th listing anniversary on ASX this year is an important milestone for the Australian Real Estate Investment Trust (A-REIT) sector. 

GPT’s listing in 1971 paved the way for other property trusts and an A-REIT sector now worth $146 billion [1].  GPT’s listing anniversary is, in effect, the 50th anniversary of the A-REIT market on ASX.

Together, the 49 A-REITs currently listed on ASX [2]  have made Australia one of the world’s top REIT markets. They’ve enabled investors to own part of office towers, shopping centres and industrial warehouses. A-REITs have also been a source of yield for income investors over decades. 

As the A-REIT sector evolves, opportunities are emerging in storage facilities, childcare centres, hotels, farms, petrol stations, medical offices, retail supercentres, build-to-rent homes, retirement villages and cold stores. These are known as “niche” A-REITs.

This edition of ASX Investor Update considers the outlook for A-REITs, investing in A-REITs for income, niche A-REITs, investing in property via the sharemarket, property Exchange Traded Funds, and Listed Investment Companies that provide exposure to commercial real estate lending.

We hope you find this issue of ASX Investor Update informative. 

Tony Featherstone. Consulting Editor, ASX Investor Update 

[1]ASX Investment Products Report. “Investment Product Summary: A-REITs,” April 2021
[2] Ibid

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