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Blockchain Trends in 2022

A blog series which looks at the future of Blockchain and highlights the key trends

The future of blockchain in Australia

Proving that it's more than just a buzzword, blockchain has been embraced by organisations large and small, by established corporations and start ups alike. While some companies are defining their business case and commencing their blockchain journey, others have already built and are using DLT applications. One thing however is certain, blockchain is firmly on the radar and entrenched in the transformation agenda for many businesses in Australia.

Hundreds of professionals came together in-person and virtually to learn from the best in the industry for Blockchain Week. This flagship event held in March 2022 delivered 5 days of insights across a range of topics. Paul Stonham, General Manager, DLT Solutions at ASX shares his key learnings from Blockchain Week through a series of blogs on the major trends for the industry.


Getting a handle on ESG: can blockchain save humanity?

By Paul Stonham, GM of DLT Solutions at ASX

Most people reading this will be aware of how important sustainability has become to countries, businesses and individuals around the world. For many, last year’s COP26 conference in Glasgow will have crystallised the sustainability themes that we now discuss daily.

What does this all have to do with blockchain? The simple answer is data. If industries are to set decarbonisation targets and report on their progress toward meeting them, then they need to base their claims on reliable data.

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Culture's new home on the blockchain

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The need for speed and trust

The industry is changing at a frenetic pace. Learn about the importance of keeping up while remaining focused on the purpose of change.

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Infrastructure for the digital gold rush

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