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ASX Data Insights Snapshot

Explore some key indicators of activity in the Australian financial market.

Growth in the number of new products being introduced into Australian financial markets is driving an unprecedented surge in listings and trading activity. This means that in a single day, we disseminate an ever increasing amount of data to market professionals and data vendors - from bids, offers and volumes to essential reference data and the very latest company news.

By connecting to the ASX via the ALC, Australia’s only purpose built finance data centre or ASX Net, our secure network connectivity service, access to this data is now faster than ever. ASX Information Services delivers comprehensive, high quality financial markets data straight from the source.

Our data insights snapshot below examines a number of key indicators of financial market activity over time. To learn more, explore the tabs below and use the arrows to scroll through the data insights.

Increasing daily transactions and trade value on the ASX

Over the past 5 years, the number of daily transactions on the ASX has grown by almost 110%, with an average of 1.75 million trades recorded every day in 2020.

In the corresponding period, the overall value of trades per day has increased by almost 54%. In 2020, the average value of all trades was over $7.2bn per day.

Growth in ETPs

Since 2015, there has been a steady increase in the number of listed Exchange Traded Products - from just over 100 in January 2015, to 247 in December 2020.

Market capitalisation for ETPs in this same period has shown more significant traction with close to 500% growth and a market cap value in excess of $94 bn.

All Tech Index and Listings activity on ASX

The S&P/ASX All Technology Index launched on 24 February 2020. This high performing index:

  • Currently outperforms the benchmark S&P/ASX 200 by 29%
  • Has grown from 46 to 75 constituents
  • Increased total market capitalisation of members from $100b+ to $170b+ between Q1 and Q4 2020

The ASX also continues to be one of the most active exchanges across the globe and welcomed 113 new listings in 2020, a 23% year on year increase.

A robust ecosystem of collaboration and support for financial markets

Purpose-built for financial organisations, our connectivity services bring our customers closer to the market and each other with thousands of connections in the ALC and across ASX Net.