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Previous editions 

Investor Update 

September 2021

This edition explores global equities from long-term investment opportunities in Asia, the potential to invest in tomorrow’s future leaders, and the importance of widening your ethical approach to include global equities. We investigate what dual listings mean for you and the facts and myths of LICs. Plus, continuing with the ASX 150th anniversary series, we present a modern history of indices on the exchange.

August 2021

In this edition, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the ETF market on ASX. We review its origins and the innovations that are helping investors build long-term wealth such as megatrends, asset allocation, and global opportunities. Plus as part of ASX's 150th year of continuous operations series, we discuss the use of index funds to generate income.

July 2021

In this edition, we explore the outlook for global equities in FY22, key themes to watch, what the charts say, top trading ideas, and we continue with ASX's 150 year anniversary series highlighting how ASX-listed funds are changing investing.

June 2021

GPT Group (ASX: GPT)’s listing in 1971 paved the way for other property trusts and an A-REIT sector now worth $146 billion. GPT’s listing anniversary is, in effect, the 50th anniversary of the A-REIT market on ASX.

Together, the 49 A-REITs currently listed on ASX have made Australia one of the world’s top REIT markets. They’ve enabled investors to own part of office towers, shopping centres and industrial warehouses. A-REITs have also been a source of yield for income investors over decades.

GPT Group’s 50th listing anniversary on ASX inspires this special edition of ASX Investor Update. We hope you find this issue informative. 

May 2021

Featuring a line-up of speakers who will be presenting at ASX's Investor Day in May 2021. Read about investing for global disruption; how to tap into booming overseas economies; strong long-term outlook for emerging markets; 3 fundamental rules of investing; Register for ASX Investor Day and why ASX is one of the greatest IPO markets today. 

April 2021

In the April edition of Investor Update we feature a range of contributors who will be appearing at ASX's Investor Day events in May 2021.

March 2021

We are delighted to be able to bring you a special edition of Investor Update, celebrating International Women’s Day on Monday 8 March featuring a full line-up of contributions from female thought leaders and experts.

February 2021