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A connected community

ALC Cross Connects provide customers who reside within ASX’s data centre, the Australian Liquidity Centre (ALC), with the ability to directly connect with other entities who reside within the ALC.

ALC Cross Connects can be arranged between the:

  • Customer and Network Service Provider (NSP)
  • Customer-to-customer
  • Customer to third-party service providers
Optimised for your business

·       Connectivity solutions are tailored to your specific business needs

·       Ability to quickly and remotely add or remove specific connections

·       Bundling options to realise your desired operational efficiency

Built to deliver

·        Point-to-point optical (dark) fibre network ensures fixed network routes and consistent performance

·        Minimised network infrastructure to improve overall service availability

·        Low latency

·        Redundant data centre Points of Presence (PoPs) in every Australian capital city

·        Global connectivity via ASX Net Global, ASX’s global network

·        Vendor agnostic when supporting the delivery of third-party applications and services

·        High capacity bandwidth is scaled to meet data’s future growth needs

·        Primary hub is housed in ASX’s state-of-the-art data centre, the Australian Liquidity Centre