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Information services

Flexible options to access Australian financial market data and company information, direct from the source.

Stay close to the source of financial markets data

Every day, the ASX processes more than 1.7 million transactions worth over 7.2 billion dollars on average.

Stay close to the market with high-quality, comprehensive data — directly from the source with ASX Information Services.

Watch and learn more about the value of ASX data.

The value of ASX data

Despite challenging economic conditions across the globe, activity in Australian financial markets is on the rise. An ever increasing number of companies looking to raise capital and new investment products are driving a surge in listings and trading activity. Growth in market activity has resulted in a corresponding increase in the amount of financial data that ASX delivers, providing even more information to help organisations optimise their trading strategies.

Our ASX Data Insights snapshot looks at key activity in the Australian financial markets as recorded by the ASX over time.

Market data

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Real Time Corporate Actions

Make faster, more informed decisions while realising operational efficiencies with ASX ReferencePoint ISO 20022 Real Time Corporate Actions.



Unlock the potential of financial markets data with our data science platform that brings together a community of information providers, analytics experts and insight seekers.


Connectivity Services

Access financial markets and its diverse community of counterparties via our industry first connectivity solutions.