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How to access ASX price data

Choose direct access for rapid connectivity, or get indirect access through a third-party vendor.

How to access ASX data

Choose direct access for rapid connectivity, or get indirect access through a third-party vendor.

Direct Access

  • Direct access to the ASX’s information service, MarketSource, provides the fastest connectivity to price data. Information is fed directly into MarketSource from the ASX and the ASX 24 matching engines. Direct access ensures that market professionals and distributors receive real-time information.
  • Users can connect to MarketSource through several different methods, including the premium ultra–low latency ASX ITCH protocol, which offers time-stamping to the nanosecond. Co-location options are also available in the Australian Liquidity Centre for time-sensitive clients

Indirect Access

  • MarketSource can also be accessed indirectly by subscribing to information services from third party vendors.
  • Vendors provide a choice of real-time, delayed or end-of-day data. Third-party vendors can also provide information relating to other exchanges, index providers or other asset classes in a consolidated format. They provide a convenient and cost-effective option for those customers that are less time-sensitive.

For more information on our third party vendors, please see below

Become an ASX vendor

Today’s investors and traders demand fast, accurate market information. By becoming an ASX vendor, you can provide your customers and clients with the information they need – when they need it.

Direct access to market and company information

Enjoy direct access to comprehensive market and company information from our trading, clearing and settlement systems. Eliminate the risk of delayed or inaccurate information by getting it straight from the source.

Fast, reliable connectivity

We offer a range of connectivity and formating options designed for straight-through-processing – so you can reduce processing times, manage costs and avoid data errors.

Flexible pricing and services

With a choice of pricing options for businesses of all sizes, you’ll find an information service that suits your needs and budget.

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