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Real-time market data

Comprehensive, real-time data direct from the source

ASX MarketSource

ASX MarketSource is a complete real-time data solution for instant price discovery across ASX operated cash equity and derivative markets. Broadcast incrementally, MarketSource gives you access to every price and order book movement, including:

  • Best bid and offer (Level 1) and full-depth order book (Level 2) data
  • Complete post-trade data, covering all trades executed on ASX cash equity and derivative markets
  • Official opening and closing prices
  • Tradable instrument status
  • Key reference data, including ISIN, product detail and tick size

Access essential, real-time market data direct from the source. 

High performance

Capture emerging opportunities with low latency, tick by tick information, delivered directly from ASX’s trading and information systems to yours.


Get complete ASX market coverage, including the full-depth electronic order book, on-book and off-book trade stamps, and value-added information. 


Create a data feed for your trading systems, with proprietary and industry-standard APIs.


Receive 24/7 support from market data specialists.

How to access ASX price data

Choose direct access for rapid connectivity, or get indirect access through a third-party vendor.

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