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Real Time Corporate Actions

A premium, real time service that delivers all corporate actions covered by the ASX straight to you, in an industry-standard format

How is Corporate Actions data shaping financial services?

An industry-wide benchmarking project on Corporate Actions data processing to help shape a new industry perspective on transformation, is underway.

This program is sponsored by ASX and managed by the Value Exchange, a specialist market research and sales enablement firm for the capital markets. Our aim is to provide market participants across all parts of the Australian investment cycle detailed, statistical insights on where and how we can improve our corporate event data processing.

This survey will be combined with a global benchmarking program conducted in July 2021, to provide Australian financial market participants with a set of granular, personalised benchmarks. 

podcast of initial findings from the survey is now available and the full report will be released in February 2022.

Corporate Actions in Australia: The Case for Transformation

Join ASX and industry experts for an exclusive preview of key findings from the industry-wide corporate actions benchmarking project.  

Hosted by the Value Exchange, this panel webinar will explore the most pertinent issues for corporate actions in Australia, the business case for change and the agenda for transformation.


Immediate, accurate and comprehensive data

ASX’s ISO 20022 Real Time Corporate Actions service gives you timely and accurate corporate action data.

An extension of our existing End of Day (EOD) batch file service, it offers faster, more comprehensive data, delivered in an easy-to-process ISO 20022 compliant format. Issuers complete a standardised form, and our straight-through processing service quickly distributes data to the market in a form that is well structured, ISO 20022 compliant and machine readable.

This service encompasses all corporate actions covered by ASX, as well as additional data items not available via EOD. A full list of Corporate Actions covered by our new real time service are outlined below:

Real time delivery

- Timely dissemination of information

- Allows market participants to respond quickly

Comprehensive data

- Greater depth of information provided

-  Available in machine readable format

-  Higher investor confidence and informed decision-making

Accurate information

-  Direct from the source, utilising structured data from the issuer

-  Minimise risk and save time with simple system for reporting

-  Reduction in manual process and associated cost savings

Easy access

-  Connect via ASX Net, ALC cross connect, ASX internet VPN or SWIFTNet.

-  Development access and support available

-  Access fees waived for ASX ReferencePoint customers