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Welcome to the ASX Options knowledge hub

You will find a range of resources here to help you understand the potential of Options and the role it can play in your portfolio. 

Try our online courses, or test your knowledge with our Options trading game. 

Equip yourself with the knowledge of how Options work and be ready for market opportunities, regardless of which direction it moves. 

What are Options?

Options are contracts between two parties, giving the buyer the right – but not an obligation – to buy or sell an underlying security at a predetermined price at a specified time in the future.

They allow you to ‘lock in’ a future buy or sell price for a security, allowing price certainty. Options can:

  • Get leveraged exposure to the share market
  • Buy time to decide - but lock in your purchase or sale price today
  • Protect your shares from a fall
  • Earn income

When used well, options may have the power to protect, grow or even diversify your investment portfolio. As options can be used regardless of market conditions, they are popular with many investors.

Like any investment, options have risks you need to understand. You should seek independent advice from a professional adviser before investing.  

Featured webinar: Introduction to covered calls - August 2021

Over the coming months, ASX will present a series of educational webinars for options investors of all experience levels.

Starting with an in-depth analysis of the covered call strategy. Learn how to master the No.1 options trading strategy to generate income over and above dividends by making your shares work harder.