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20 years of ETFs

In 2001, there were just two Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) on ASX – both issued by State Street Global Advisors. Today, ASX is the home of ETFs, with 223 ETFs across seven asset classes to choose from.

At June 2021, ASX ETFs were valued at $113.5 billion. Globally, ETFs were worth $US7 trillion in 2020.

An ETF for everyone

The first ETFs tracked equity indexes. But today, ETFs can give you instant exposure to a wide range of assets – helping you diversify your portfolio easily and cost-effectively.

Choose from Australian or global shares, small, mid or large-cap companies, fixed interest, commodities, currencies, sectors or themes like environmental tech.

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More investors have ETFs – especially younger ones

An ASX 2020 study of Australian investors found:

Source: ASX Australian Investor Study 2020

Explore the growth in ETFs 2015 - 2021 

Discover key insights about the ETF growth journey with this series of interactive charts. 


ETF insights and trends 


Meaghan Victor, Head of SPDR ETF Asia Pacific Distribution, State Street Global Advisors, and Anastasia Anagnostakos, National Business Development Management, at ASX celebrate 20 Years of ETFs in Australia.

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