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ETFs and other ETPs

Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) admitted on ASX include Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Exchanged Traded Managed Funds (ETMFs) and structured products.


Before issuing ETFs and other ETPs, an entity needs to be approved as an AQUA Product Issuer. To be approved as an AQUA Product Issuer an issuer must meet certain requirements, including being able to demonstrate that they hold all relevant licence authorisations (including an Australian financial services licence if required) and that they have adequate facilities, expertise, procedures, personnel and financial resources.

Rules and requirements

Forms and checklists

Admission process

Timings depend on the complexity of the product. Units cannot be created in CHESS until the product has been admitted and the disclosure document exposure period is complete. An indicative timeline is set out below. 


Quick links

Admission fees

Find out more about the initial application fees and ongoing fees that apply to the proposed investment product.

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ETP updates

Stay updated on the latest market developments and guidance on key compliance and operational issues.


Contact ASX

Andrew Weaver

Senior Manager, Investment Products

Ph +61 2 9227 0575


Martin Dinh

Senior Product Manager, Investment Products

Ph +61 2 9227 0318


Fabiana Candiano

Product Manager, Investment Products

Ph +61 2 9227 0862