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Tools and resources

Statements, Issuer Services fees, tools and resources

Electronic CHESS Holding Statements

ASX introduced a new service on 13 December 2021 that provides shareholders in listed companies and  investment products with the option to receive their CHESS holding statements and notifications  electronically, through a simple election process.

Holders  can  opt-in (via their broker) to receive electronic statements, and also to provide their  email  details to the issuer (via their registry).

This provides holders with access to an electronic  portal for fast, reliable and secure records of share  ownership and confirmation of changes to their CHESS holding details, including a personal archive of statements that will build over time. Holders will continue to have the choice to receive paper or electronic statements.

ASX announced that fees for CHESS holding statements and notifications delivered electronically will be waived pending the introduction of the new pricing proposed to be effective on 1 July 2022.

More information is available for investors and brokers here.

Issuer Services Fees

Issuers (or offerors  where  applicable) are currently charged for issuer services  as outlined in sections 4 and 5.2 of the Clearing, Settlement and Issuer Administration Services Schedule of Fees. 

A number of the fees are based on transactional activity, such as the number  of CHESS messages processed to support  these services (including where applicable  as initiated by participants, or share registries on the issuer’ s behalf), and the  number of holding statements issued. For  example, the charge for CHESS holding statements is based on the number of statements sent by ASX to holders each month. ASX launched an electronic delivery  option for CHESS holding statements on 13  December 2021 allowing security holders to  elect to receive CHESS holding statements electronically once this service is supported  by their sponsoring participant (“broker”).

ASX has waived the fees it charges for CHESS holding statements delivered electronically pending the move to the new  issuer services pricing model referenced below.

Issuers are also charged the CHESS Equity and Fund Issuer Annual Operating Charge. This fee is calculated as 10% of the annual listing fee charged, or that would apply had  it been charged, which is ultimately based on a market capitalisation value calculation.

ASX listed entities are also charged ASX listing fees including Initial listing fees, Annual listing fees and Subsequent Listing  fees. Details of these listing fees can be found here.

ASX is currently consulting on proposed new pricing for issuer services effective 1 July 2022. More information is available here.

Tools and resources

Documentation, webinar recordings and links to documentation relevant to Issuer Services.

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