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How to list

When listing your company with ASX, you will need to consider your company strategy, requirements and timelines

Find out how to list your company

Is listing for you?

Find out whether listing with ASX is appropriate for your company and its long-term strategic goals. It is important for you to consider the benefits and potential obligations of being a publically listed company.

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Listing requirements 

To list with ASX, a company must satisfy the minimum admission criteria, including structure, size and number of shareholders.

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The listing process 

ASX's streamlined process means that your company could be listed within five months of appointing your advisors. 

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Listing fees

ASX charges an initial fee upon listing and an annual fee while the company remains listed.

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ASX Services for listed companies

Once you have listed your company with ASX, you can enjoy the advantages available to over 2,200 other ASX-listed companies. ASX provides services to listed companies that help facilitate market liquidity and access to capital.

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Guides and resources 

Our comprehensive range of guides and resources will help you navigate the listing requirements and process. 

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Contact us

Eddie Grieve

Head of Listings and Issuer Services

Ph: +61 2 9227 0519

Email: listed@asx.com.au

James Posnett

Senior Manager, Listings Business Development

Phone: +61 2 9227 0282

Email: listed@asx.com.au

Kate Galpin

Business Development Manager

Phone: +61 2 9227 0627

Email: listed@asx.com.au

Blair Harrison

Senior Manager, Listings and Issuer Services (NZ)

Ph: +64 (0)9 985 5630

Email: listed@asx.com.au