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Connecting New Zealand companies with global capital

Raise your company’s profile by listing on ASX and gain access to a deep, highly liquid, diversified pool of capital.

Connect to a world-leading, global stock exchange 

More than 60 of New Zealand’s top companies are currently listed on ASX.  They are taking advantage of a global investor base, a vibrant marketplace, and a demonstrated track record of growth and expansion for Kiwi companies.  

An ASX listing enables Kiwi companies to grow and expand using a nearby, closely-aligned capital market.  At the same time, they are able to remain in New Zealand, making an important contribution to the local economy.

Multiply your business impact

With a global investor base and a vibrant, dynamic ecosystem of brokers, advisers and investors, ASX is uniquely placed to support NZ companies looking to raise funds to expand and grow. The ASX market has specific attractions for technology, health care and life sciences listings.



New Zealand-based companies have found their natural home on ASX



Access a pool of investable funds over four times larger than available in NZ

Raise capital in a top-rated capital market

Listing on ASX puts NZ companies in reach of the 4th largest pension pool globally and a sophisticated investor base that is investing in growth opportunities.

Access streamlined dual listing 

15 New Zealand companies have undertaken a secondary listing on ASX since 2010 under the ASX New Zealand Foreign Exempt regime. These companies have, on average, experienced a significant increase in trading volumes within 12 months.

Join an impressive peer group 

ASX has a proven track record across all sectors. NZ companies listing on ASX will join an impressive peer group of both mature and growth companies including:

  • Small and mid-cap growth companies
  • Dominant resources and financials sectors
  • An emerging technology sector
  • World-class healthcare sector

Benefits of listing on ASX

Join a global marketplace

Grow your Kiwi business into a global one by leveraging a world-leading and vibrant marketplace, while continuing to operate from New Zealand. In addition to New Zealand, ASX is increasingly the listing destination of choice for international companies and investors with more than 200 foreign listings from countries including the USA, Israel, Canada, and Malaysia.

Access benchmark indices at a comparatively early stage

ASX is optimised for early stage growth companies, with a minimum market capitalisation of ~US$300 million for entry into the S&P/ASX300 Index.  This provides early entry into a globally recognised index, the ability to attract institutional investment sooner and enhance liquidity in your company’s shares.

Join a growing technology sector

ASX has over 200 technology companies and the S&P All-Technology index, launched in March 2020, has out-performed many other indices.

Proven track record across all industry sectors


Organisations from key industries in New Zealand have and are listing with ASX to access capital and be researched alongside recognized peer groups. 

Some of the key industries listing on ASX include companies from the tech sector, healthcare, agriculture, and more.

Join more than 60 New Zealand companies already listed on ASX

Recent listings

Listed Company ASX code Issue price Market cap at issue
July 2022 MOVe Logistics Group Limited MOV NA $122.0m
Dec 2021 Winton Land Limited WTN $3.66 $1.09b
Nov 2021 Vulcan Steel Limited VSL $7.10 $932.9m
Sept 2021 Pacific Edge Limited PEB $1.51 $1,101.0b
May 2021 DGL Group Limited DGL $1.00 $257.0m
Mar 2021 My Food Bag Group Limited MFB $1.72 $418.9m
Jan 2021 Truscreen Group Limited TRU $0.07 $25.3m
Nov 2020 Plexure Group Limited PX1 $1.27 $213.5m
Nov 2020 Harmoney Corp Limited HMY $3.50 $400.6m
Sept 2020 New Zealand Oil & Gas Limited NZO NA $105.2m
Sept 2020 Laybuy Group Holdings Limited LBY $1.41 $246.0m
Sept 2020 EROAD Limited ERD NA $273.2m
July 2020 Aroa Biosurgery Limited ARX $0.75 $225.0m
Jan 2020 Happy Valley Nutrition Limited HVM $0.20 $42.5m

Source ASX Internal Data & Dealogic.

All prices in AUD.