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Companies that have changed their name and/or ASX code are listed below.

Further information on companies that have changed their name, including a summary of all changes for each company, can be found at http://www.delisted.com.au/.

*Although ASX believes that every care is taken in the compilation of the information on delisted it cannot warrant its accuracy and is not liable for any errors or omissions.

As of* Old details    New details  
21-Oct ARM Aurora Minerals Limited ANX Anax Metals Limited
20-Oct ST1 Spirit Telecom Limited ST1 Spirit Technology Solutions Ltd
20-Oct CD1 Cordish Dixon Private Equity Fund I CD1 CD Private Equity Fund I
20-Oct CD2 Cordish Dixon Private Equity Fund II CD2 CD Private Equity Fund II
20-Oct CD3 Cordish Dixon Private Equity Fund III CD3 CD Private Equity Fund III
19 Oct BAF Blue Sky Alternatives Access Fund Limited WMA WAM Alternative Assets Limited
13 Oct CFE Cape Lambert Resources Limited CLE Cyclone Metals Limited
6 Oct AYF Australian Enhanced Income Fund TCF 360 Capital Enhanced Income Fund
6 Oct HIP Hipo Resources Limited QXR QX Resources Limted
5 Oct ICU iSentric Limited IOU IOUpay Limited
2 Oct SAM SIV Asset Management Limited RAS Ragusa Minerals Ltd
28 Sep ZIP Ziptel Limited DOU Douugh Limited
28 Sep RE1 RESA Group Limited TI1 Tombador Iron Limited
25 Sep EMD Emerald Clinics Limited EMD Emyria Limited
25 Sep MJC Mejority Capital Limited FNX Finexia Financial Group Limited
21 Sep CZR Coziron Resources Limited CZR CZR Resources Ltd
15 Sept OBJ OBJ Limited WFL Wellfully Limited
11 Sept PNN PepinNini Lithium Limited PNN PepinNini Minerals Limited
10 Sept DHR Dark Horse Resources Limited NPM NewPeak Metals Limited
2 Sep LI3 Lithium Consolidated Limited TEM Tempest Minerals Limited
26 Aug GPX Graphex Mining Limited MVL Marvel Gold Limited
21 Aug FFG Fatfish Blockchain Limited FFG Fatfish Group Limited
19 Aug AYR Alloy Resources Limited STK Strickland Metals Limited
17 Aug APE AP Eagers Limited  APE Eagers Automotive Limited
12 Aug GRV Greenvale Energy Limited GRV Greenvale Mining Ltd
7 Aug PUA Pure Alumina Limited  PUA Peak Minerals Limited
5 Aug UTR Ultracharge Limited SUV Suvo Strategic Minerals Limited
3 Aug 8IV 8VIC Holdings Limited 8IV 8IV Holdings Limited
3 Aug HSC Homestay Care Limited HSC HSC Technology Ltd
23 Jul PIO Pioneer Resources Limited ESS Essential Metals Limited
23 Jul JAT Jatenergy Limited JAT Jatcorp Limited
23 Jul FRN Fraser Range Metals Group Ltd WC8 Wildcat Resources Limited
22 Jul LON Longtable Group Limited MBH Maggie Beer Holdings Ltd
6 Jul AVC Auctus Alternative Investments Limited  AVC Auctus Investment Group Limited
6 Jul CWL Chant West Holdings Limited CWL Consolidated Financial Holdings Limited
6 Jul IHL Impression Healthcare Limited IHL Incannex Healthcare Limited
3 Jul ELX Ellex Medical Lasers Limited EYE Nova Eye Medical Limited
3 Jul FAM Family Insights Group Limited FGL Frugl Group Limited
2 Jul BPL Broken Hill Prospecting Limited ARR American Rare Earths Limited
26 Jun  ARQ ARQ Group Limited  WCG Webcentral Group Limited 
26 Jun AWN Arowana International Limited AWN AWN Holdings Limited
25 Jun  HOT Hot Copper Holdings Limited TMH The Market Herald Limited
18 Jun VIA Viagold Capital Limited VIA ViaGold Rare Earth Resources Holdings Limited
18 Jun BLK Blackham Resources Limited WMX Wiluna Mining Corporation Limited
04 Jun CT1 CCP Technologies Limited CT1 Constellation Technologies Limited
29 May  MPW MSL Solutions Limited MSL MSL Solutions Limited
26 May CUX Crossland Strategic Metals Limited ENV Enova Mining Limited
25 May ABC Adelaide Brighton Limited ABC Adbri Limited
22 May AHZ Admedus Ltd AVR Anteris Technologies Ltd
19 May CTX Caltex Australia Limited ALD Ampol Limited
18 May VVR Viva Energy REIT Limited WPR Waypoint REIT Limited
14 May  ADJ Adslot Ltd ADS Adslot Ltd
12 May BNL Big Star Energy Limited BNL Big Star Helium Limited
08 May AWY Australian Whisky Holdings Limited LRK Lark Distilling Co. Ltd
05 May  BCL Bunji Corporation Limited  PFT Pure Foods Tasmania Limited
21 Apr NNW 99 Wuxian Limited NNT 99 Technology Limited
7 Apr SHJ Shine Corporate Ltd SHJ Shine Justice Ltd
3 Apr IMF IMF Bentham Limited OBL Omni Bridgeway Limited
3 Apr SM8 Smart Marine Systems Limited HTG Harvest Technology Group Ltd
26 Mar SMD Syndicated Metals Limited DCX Discovex Resources Limited
24 Mar OVL Oro Verde Limited IXR Ionic Rare Earths Limited
27 Feb D13 Department International Ltd D13 Delaware Thirteen Ltd
21 Feb TOT 360 Capital Total Return Fund TOT 360 Capital REIT
10 Feb CMA Centuria Metropolitan REIT COF Centuria Office REIT
7 Feb KLH Kalia Limited MCB MCB Resoures Limited
5 Feb LMW Landmark White Limited ACU  Acumentis Group Limited
3 Feb PKA Plukka Limited TSO Tesoro Resources Limited
31 Jan PSM Peninsula Mines Limited XTC Xantippe Resources Limited
23 Jan SFR Sandfire Resources NL SFR Sandfire Resources Limited
22 Jan IGO Independence Group NL IGO IGO Limited
22 Jan CIZ Corizon Limited EMT eMetals Limited
21 Jan MNC Metminco Limited LCL Los Cerros LImited
20 Jan
Sims Metal Management Limited
Sims Limited
9 Jan
iBuyNew Group Limited
RE1 RESA Group Limited
As of* Old details    New details  
31 Dec INK Indago Energy Limited HCD Hydrocarbon Dynamics Limited 
30 Dec NHL Novita Healthcare Limited TD1 TALI Digital Limited
24 Dec  CVT Covata Limited  CPT Cipherpoint Limited 
20 Dec VRI Veriluma Limited HWH Houston We Have Limited
17 Dec AD1 ApplyDirect Limited AD1 AD1 Holdings Limited 
16 Dec  HDY Hardey Resources Limited PSL Paterson Resources Ltd
13 Dec GLV Global Vanadium Limited GLV Global Oil & Gas Limited
12 Dec KNL Kibaran Resources Limited EGR EcoGraf Limited
12 Dec NWC New World Cobalt Limited NWC New World Resources Limited
11 Dec SRO ShareRoot Ltd OPL Opyl Limited
10 Dec EOR Enhanced Oil & Gas Recovery Limited EOR EOR Group Limited
10 Dec JDR Jadar Lithium Limited JDR Jadar Resources Limited
10 Dec  SUR Sun Resources NL PRM Prominence Energy NL
06 Dec MZN Marindi Metals Limited FFR Firefly Resources Limited
06 Dec OPN OpenDNA Limited RLG Roolife Group Ltd
05 Dec ZLD Zelda Therapeutics Limited  ZLD Zelira Therapeutics Limited 
04 Dec APT Afterpay Touch Group Limited  APT Afterpay Limited 
03 Dec SG1 Sagon Resources Limited REE RareX Limited
29 Nov BMP buyMyplace.com.au Limited ESL Eco Systems Ltd
29 Nov N27 Northern Cobalt Limited RML Resolution Minerals Ltd
28 Nov BST Barrack St Investments Limited ECP ECP Emerging Growth Limited
28 Nov HXG Hexagon Resources Limited HXG Hexagon Energy Materials Limited
28 Nov PYC Phylogica Limited PYC PYC Therapeutics Limited
28 Nov SVT Servtech Global Holdings Ltd VR1 Vection Technologies Ltd
27 Nov SIV Silver Chef Limited SIV SIV Capital Limited
27 Nov GPP Greenpower Energy Limited  GNM Great Northern Minerals Limited
26 Nov NBL Noni B Limited  MOZ Mosaic Brands Limited
21 Nov KRX Koppar Resources Limited VUL Vulcan Energy Resources Limited
21 Nov BAU Bauxite Resources Limited ASQ Australian Silica Quartz Group Ltd
15 Nov ADO Anteo Diagnostics Limited ADO AnteoTech Ltd
15 Nov  SFL Spring FG Limited WTL WT Financial Group Limited
15 Nov  CYB CYBG PLC VUK Virgin Money UK PLC
12 Nov NMS Neptune Marine Services Limited BLV Blossomvale Holdings Ltd
05 Nov AXE Archer Exploration Limited AXE Archer Materials Limited
30 Oct CQE Charter Hall Education Trust CQE Charter Hall Social Infrastructure REIT
29 Oct WOR WorleyParson Limited WOR Worley Limited
25 Oct ASL Ausdrill Limited PRN Perenti Global Limited
18 Oct ABR  American Pacific Borate & Lithium Ltd ABR American Pacific Borates Limited
16 Oct PVD Pure Vida Energy NL ANA Ansila Energy NL
15 Oct AXL Axsesstoday Limited AXL A.C.N. 603 323 182 Limited
15 Oct ACL Alchemia Limited APH Australian Primary Hemp Limited
07 Oct S3R Serpentine Technologies Limited KTG K-TIG Limited
27 Sep HCO Hylea Metals Limited LOT Lotus Resources Limited
27 Sep MIG Migme Limited MIG A.C.N. 059 457 279 Limited
25 Sep UWL Uniti Wireless Limited UWL Uniti Group Limited
20 Sep TSN Transaction Solutions International Limited VOR Vortiv Limited
19 Aug CLY Clancy Exploration Limited SG1 Sagon Resources Limited
14 Aug IHR IntelliHR Holdings Limited IHR IntelliHR Limited
13 Aug NIO Nickelore Limited SHE Stonehorse Energy Limited
08 Aug ETE Entek Energy Limited XCD XCD Energy Limited
08 Aug BGR Bronson Group Limited MAN Mandrake Resources Limited
01 Aug XTV XTV NETWORKS LTD NZS New Zealand and Coastal Seafoods Limited
30 Jul ESV Eservglobal Limited WJA Wameja Limited
30 Jul TNO Tando Resources Limited VR8 Vanadium Resources Limited
29 Jul IRC Intermin Resources Limited HRZ Horizon Minerals Limited
26 Jul DXN The Data Exchange Network Limited DXN DXN Limited
25 Jul A40 Alliance Mineral Assets Limited A40 Alita Resources Limited
16 Jul AYG Axxis Technology Group Ltd ECS ECS Botanics Holdings Ltd
12 Jul IOR IndiOre Ltd ELE Elmore Ltd
11 Jul CAS Crusader Resources Limted BRV Big River Gold Limited
08 Jul KIK Kairiki Energy Limited RPM RPM Automotive Group Limited
03 Jul WMC Wonhe Multimedia Commerce Ltd BTK Botai Technology Limited
26 Jun TBH The Betmakers Holdings Ltd BET Betmakers Technology Group Ltd
26 Jun ARX Arc Exploration Limited CYM Cyprium Metals Limited
25 Jun EGS Eastern Goldfields Limited OBM Ora Banda Mining Ltd
24 Jun BGS Birimian Limited MLL Mali Lithium Limited
20 Jun PGS Planet Gas Limited SKY Sky Metals Limited
19 Jun TPE TPI Enterprises Ltd PAL Palla Pharma Limited
13 Jun IAU Intrepid Mines Limited A1M AIC Mines Limited
04 Jun EXR Elixir Petroleum Limited EXR Elixir Energy Limited
04 Jun NAV Navigator Resources Limited AFL AL Legal Group Ltd
29 May PAK Pacific American Coal Limited PAK Pacific American Holdings Limited
29 May ESH Esports Mogul Asia Pacific Limited ESH Esports Mogul Limited
27 May POH Phosphagenics Limited AVE Avecho Biotechnology Limited
23 May TAU Trustees Australia Limited CWZ Cashwerkz Limited
13 May BMT Berkut Minerals Limited CNB Carnaby Resources Limited
13 May CEL Challenger Energy Limited CEL Challenger Exploration Limited
16 Apr MGP Managed Accounts Holdings Limited XPL Xplore Wealth Limited
15 Apr BUL Blue Energy Limited BLU Blue Energy Limited
12 Apr PBT Prana Biotechnology Ltd ATH Alterity Therapeutics Limited
12 Apr BUD Buddy Platform Ltd BUD Buddy Technologies Ltd
29 Mar PRL Petrel Energy Limited WGO Warrego Energy Limited
20 Mar GMY Goldfields Money Limited BBC BNK Banking Corporation Limited
20 Mar RGP Refresh Group Limited ERG Eneco Refresh Ltd
07 Mar THX Thundelarra Limited OAU Ora Gold Limited
28 Feb REL Raven Energy Limited GFS Gasfields Limited
28 Feb TYK Tychean Resources Ltd DRE Dreadnought Resources Ltd
20 Feb IDR Industria REIT ADI APN Industria REIT
20 Feb SW1 Swift Networks Group Limited SW1 Swift Media Limited
19 Feb CRR Convenience Retail REIT AQR APN Convenience Retail REIT
12 Feb PMP PMP Limited OVT Ovato Limited
12 Feb MKB Moko Social Media Limited AZT Azure Health Technololgy Limited
31 Jan LWP LWP Technologies Limited TIH Tillegrah Limited
31 Jan TAG Tag Pacific Limited MPR MPower Group Limited
25 Jan QBL Queensland Bauxite Limited CGB Cann Global Limited
17 Jan CMI CMI Limited ECL Excelsior Capital Ltd
14 Jan WGL Wangle Technologies Limited FAM Family Insights Group Limited
14 Jan ATT Ante Real Estate Trust QPR Quattro Plus Real Estate
14 Jan TTW TopTung Ltd CML Chase Mining Corporatation Limited
09 Jan IAB Inabox Group Limited IAB IAB Holdings Limited
As of* Old details    New details  
31 Dec JKL JustKapital Limited LAW LawFinance Limited
24 Dec AHF Australian Dairy Farms Group AHF Australian Dairy Nutritionals Group
21 Dec QTM Quantum Energy Limited QTM Quantum Health Group Limited
21 Dec CM8 Crowd Mobile Lending CM8 Crown Media Holdings Limited
20 Dec KAR Karoon Gas Australia Limited KAR Karoon Energy Ltd
19 Dec SWJ Stonewall Resources Limited TGM Theta Gold Mines Limited
18 Dec BHP BHP Billiton Limited BHP BHP Group Limited
14 Dec VIP Voltage IP Limited VIP VIP Gloves Ltd
14 Dec HLS Healius Ltd HLS Healius Limited
14 Dec LI3 Lithium Consolidated Mineral Exploration Pty Ltd LI3 Lithium Consolidated Limited
13 Dec BKP Baraka Energy & Resources Limited GLV Global Vanadium Limited
13 Dec CXZ Connexion Media Limited CXZ Connexion Telematics Ltd
12 Dec JCI JC International Group Limited JCI Jiancheng International Group Limited
11 Dec ESM Esperance Minerals Limited E3S E3SIXTY Limited
7 Dec  DW8 Dawine Ltd DW8 Digital Wine Ventures Limited 
7 Dec  RBO Robo 3D Limited  SF1 STEMify Limited 
7 Dec TMP Tech Mpire Limited AV1 Adveritas Limited
6 Dec VRX Ventnor Resources Limited  VRX VRX Silica Limited 
6 Dec  CND Clarius Group Limited  IGN Ignite Limited 
5 Dec  PRY Primary Health Care Limited HLS Healius Limited 
5 Dec  PUN Pegasus Metals Limited  SCN Scorpion Minerals Limited 
4 Dec CLL Collerina Cobalt Limited A4N Alpha HPA Limited 
4 Dec HOM Homeloans Limited RMC Resimac Group Ltd 
4 Dec KRC King River Copper Limited  KRR King River Resources Limited 
3 Dec  GCS Global Constuction Services Limited  SRG SRG Global Limited 
3 Dec BRC Brain Resource Limited  TTB Total Brain Limited
3 Dec MBO Mobilarm Limited  JXT Jaxsta Ltd
3 Dec SPI Spitfire Materials Ltd BDC Bardoc Gold Limited
3 Dec TFG Total Face Group Limited WNB Wellness and Beauty Solutions Limited 
30 Nov ACB A-Cap Resources Limited  ACB A-Cap Energy Limited
30 Nov CAB Cabcharge Australia Limited  A2B A2B Australia Limited 
27 Nov MOX Monax Mining Limited AUT Auteco Minerals Ltd
27 Nov SFH Specialty Fashion Group Limited  CCX City Chic Collective Limited
26 Nov DRK Drake Resources Limited  RAG Ragnar Metals Limited 
26 Nov POZ POZ Minerals Limited  GIB Gibb River Diamonds Limited 
26 Nov WRR World Reach Limited  BCC Beam Communications Holdings Limited 
22 Nov THC The Hydroponics Company Limited THC THC Global Group Limited 
19 Nov FET Folkestone Education Trust  CQE Charter Hall Education Trust 
16 Nov AVD Antilles Oil and Gas Limited HSC Homestay Care Limited
14 Nov CXO Core Exploration Ltd CXO Core Lithium Ltd
13 Nov FFG Fatfish Internet Group LTD FFG Fatfish Blockchain Limited
06 Nov GSC Global Geoscience Limited INR Ioneer Ltd
06 Nov PSY Panorama Synergy Ltd HYD Hydrix Limited
05 Nov HEG Hill End Gold Limited PUA Pure Alumina Limited
05 Nov MNS Magnis Resources Limited MNS Magnis Energy Technologies Ltd
01 Nov ASY AssembleBay Limited SVD ScandiVanadium Ltd
23 Oct MMJ MMJ Phytotech Limited MMJ MMJ Group Holdings Limited
16 Oct MUS Mustang Resources Limited NXE New Energy Minerals Ltd
05 Oct COM ComOps Limited TBL Tambla Limited
04 Oct SRR Shaw River Manganese Limited RLK Rolek Resources Ltd
03 Oct DMC Digimatic Group Limited 8VI 8VIC Holdings Limited
03 Oct NLI Novo Litio Ltd ERX Exore Resources Ltd
01 Oct VPC Velpic Limited VPC VPCL Ltd
26 Sep SPX Spectrum Rare Earths Limited SPX Spectrum Metals Limited
25 Sep RVY Rift Valley Resources Limited PM8 Pensana Metals Ltd
24 Sep EMG Emergent Resources Ltd FEX Fenix Resources Ltd
20 Sep FBR Fast Brick Robotics Ltd FBR FBR Ltd
10 Sep IIL Innate Immunotherapeutics Limited ATX Amplia Therapeutics Limited
31 Aug OMT Omni Market Tide Ltd IME ImExHS Limited
22 Aug SMA SmartTrans Holdings Limited ODA Orcoda Limited
22 Aug BCL A.C.N. 112 682 158 Limited BCL Bunji Corporation Limited
21 Aug PHK Phoslock Water Solutions Limited PET Phoslock Environmental Technologies Limited
20 Aug AEB Algae.Tec Limited AEB Affinity Energy and Health Limited
15 Aug DMI Dempsey Minerals Limited GLN Galan Lithium Limited
01 Aug USA UraniumSA Limited TSC Twenty Seven Co. Limited
30 Jul SKS Stokes Limited ENE Enevis Limited
25 Jul DRG Draig Resources Limited BGL Bellevue Gold Limited
17 Jul NSL NSL Consolidated Limited IOR IndiOre Ltd
17 Jul CNL Celamin Holdings NL CNL Celamin Holdings Limited​
11 Jul NAC NAOS Absolute Opportunities Company Ltd NAC NAOS Ex-50 Opportunities Company Limited
11 Jul EMF Emerging Markets Masters Fund EGF Evans & Partners Global Flagship Fund
09 Jul ESI Environmental Clean Technologies Limited ECT Environmental Clean Technologies Limited
06 Jul OTI Oriental Technologies Investment Limited SHI Shine Metals Limited
04 Jul FRC Forte Consolidated Limited GSN Great Southern Mining Limited
28 Jun CQG Contango Global Growth Limited WQG WCM Global Growth Limited
25 Jun TBH TopBetta Holdings Limited TBH The Betmakers Holdings Ltd
21 Jun IHS Interpose Holdings Limited IVZ Invictus Energy Ltd
20 Jun BMZ Black Mountain Resources Limited HIP Hipo Resources Limited
20 Jun BIR Birrabong Corporation Limited BIR BIR Financial Limited
18 Jun ACG Atcor Medical Holdings Limited CDX Cardiex Limited
15 Jun TAR Taruga Gold Limited TAR Taruga Minerals Limited
14 Jun GGG Greendland Minerals and Energy Limited GGG Greenland Minerals Limited
14 Jun PHA Public Holdings (Australia) Ltd FAU First Au Limited
6 Jun AZZ Antares Energy Limited BNL Big Star Energy Limited
5 Jun FCR Ferrum Crescent Limited EUZ Europa Metals Ltd
1 Jun MLB Melbourne IT Limited ARQ ARQ Group Limited
28 May AAL APAC Coal Limited CI1 Credit Intelligence Ltd
28 May MQA Macquarie Atlas Roads ALX Atlas Arteria
25 May GGL The Gruden Group Ltd STC Sinetech Limited
21 May ABU ABM Resources NL PRX Prodigy Gold NL
17 May MZM Montezuma Mining Company Ltd E25 Element 25 Limited
15 May FFT Future Fibre Technologies Limited AVA AVA Risk Group Limited
11 May BCL Baralaba Coal Company Limited BCL A.C.N. 112 682 158 Limited
10 May WRG Water Resources Group Limited PO3 Purifloh Limited
09 May ACU Activistic Limited PC1 Plus Connect Limited
04 May BTT BT Investment Management Limited PDL Pendal Group Limited
04 May OVR Overland Resources Limited RNX Renegade Exploration Limited
01 May OGY Orca Energy Limited FIN Fin Resources Limited
30 Apr MLI Mintails Limited ONX Orminex Ltd
26 Apr TUP TTG Fintech Limited FTC Fintech Chain Limited
17 Apr AR1 Arrowhead Resources Limited EM1 Emerge Gaming Limited
16 Apr PLH Plymouth Minerals Limited INF Infinity Lithium Corporation Limited
13 Apr BPS BPS Technology Limited INP IncentiaPay Limited
12 Apr ALR Aberdeen Leaders Limited CLF Concentrated Leaders Fund Limited
10 Apr LFR Longford Resources Limited NWC New World Cobalt Limited
29 Mar NMG NMG Corporation Limited ACF Acrow Formwork and Construction Services Limited
26 Mar RIR Riva Resources Limited HCO Hylea Metals Limited
23 Mar YNB Yonder and Beyond Group Limited AVC Auctus Alternative Investments Limited
22 Mar ACK Austock Group Limited GDG Generation Development Group Limited
14 Mar ARK Ausroc Metals Ltd WML Woomera Mining Limited
14 Mar DM1 DirectMoney Limited WZR Wisr Limited
02 Mar ISH Ishine International Resources Limited SUP Superior Lake Resources Limited
22 Feb SZG A.C.N. 009 161 522 Limited RDN Raiden Resources Limited
22 Feb QNL Quest Minerals Limited HGM High Grade Metals Limited
16 Feb IOG Incremental Oil and Gas Limited E2E Eon NRG Limited
15 Feb ORN Orion Minerals NL ORN Orion Minerals Ltd
31 Jan CTR Citation Resources Ltd PG1 Pearl Global Limited
22 Jan ISG iShares MSCI Singapore Capped ETF ISG iShares MSCI Singapore ETF
22 Jan IKO iShares MSCI South Korea Capped ETF IKO iShares MSCI South Korea ETF
22 Jan ITW iShares MSCI Taiwan Capped ETF ITW iShares MSCI Taiwan ETF
22 Jan EPT ePAT Technologies Ltd PCK PainChek Ltd
17 Jan RCE Recce Limited RCE Recce Pharmaceuticals Ltd
15 Jan ZML Zip Co Limited Z1P Zip Co Limited
03 Jan SXI South East Asia Resources Limited JDR Jadar Lithium Limited
02 Jan MPE Magnum Gas & Power Limited REL Raven Energy Limited