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News and updates

Bonds on the ASX

The taxation implications of buying, holding and selling Australian Government Bonds (AGBs) depend on your individual situation. Talk to a professional adviser before making an investment decision.


Payments to non-Australian residents

Coupon interest payments on exchange-traded AGBs may be eligible for an exemption from non-resident interest withholding tax if they are issued over Treasury Bonds that satisfy the 'public offer test'. The Australian Government has stated that, unless otherwise announced at the time of issue, it will seek to issue Treasury Bonds and Treasury Indexed Bonds in a manner that satisfies the test. See the taxation information in the information statement for details.

AGB Market activity reports

Monthly Bond market update

Benefits for financial advisers and their clients

Bonds can help diversify risk and increase overall portfolio performance by providing returns that are not correlated to other asset classes, such as equities. Like any investment, bonds have risks you need to understand before investing. You should seek independent advice from a professional advisor before making a decision. 

Learn more about investing in bonds

Market maker arrangements

Australian Government Bonds (AGBs) trade in the wholesale market, which is one of the deepest and most liquid in Australia. Market makers access the liquidity in the wholesale market to provide continuous bid and offer prices for all AGBs traded on the ASX.

ASX bond calculator

A handy tool you can use to calculate key characteristics of government and corporate bonds listed on ASX, including:

  • the market price based on the yield to maturity
  • the yield to maturity based on the market price
  • the clean price (market price less accrued interest), and
  • accrued interest.