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Offering a full range of trading and settlement services on multiple order books , ASX is Australia’s leading market exchange, providing investors access to over 2,200 securities.


Australia's leading sharemarket

  • The largest pool of liquidity in Australia
  • Approximately 90% of on market trading in Australia are executed on ASX
  • One of the world’s leading auction markets
  •  Asia-Pacific’s largest midpoint dark pool, Centre Point
  • Since its launch, buyers and sellers have achieved $1.6bn in price improvement trading through Centre Point, with our mid-point matching system enabling both buyers and sellers to achieve better pricing than their initial bid or offer

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Market essentials

Independent broker research

Since 2012, the ASX has been supporting high-quality, independent research on under-covered, small-cap companies through the Equity Research Scheme.

The scheme currently supports research on over 100 ASX-listed companies a year.

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