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ASX Equity FlexClear™

A flexible, secure, and offsetting clearing service tailored for buy-side customers as an alternative to over-the-counter (OTC) options trading

Benefits of ASX Equity FlexClear™

  • Flexibility to specify maturity, option type, exercise price and exercise type.
  • OTC option trades reported to ASX are 100% confidential with complete end to end anonymity.
  • No ISDA agreement required.
  • ASX acts as Central Counterparty, independent valuation and corporate actions agent.
  • Positions offset with ETOs.
  • Participants can enter a trade with one counterparty and exit via another.
  • Position netting for back to back transactions.

Operational details and minimum transaction thresholds for ASX Equity FlexClear™

To gain further information on obtaining access to the service, ASX contact details and step-by-step instructions on trade entry please refer to the ASX Equity FlexClear™ User Guide.  

ASX Equity FlexClear™ User Guide 

For entry level thresholds for FlexClear™ transactions please refer to the ASX FlexClear™ Transaction Threshold.

FlexClear™ transaction thresholds

FlexClear™ thresholds


ASX FlexClear™ Registration Fees

For ASX FlexClear™ Registration Fees please refer to the Cost of Trading Options page found here

Current Details
  • 3 year expiry Cap
  • Listed ETO expiry dates will be available
  • Contingent equity transactions available
Future Enhancements
  • Expand to cover selected S&P/ASX 200 stock, ETPs and indices
  • Introduction of single stock cash settled style options
Reporting Hours
  • Single Stock - 10.10am to 4.00pm AEST
  • Index - 9.50am to 4.30pm AEST
Wholesale Client Agreement

Signing a wholesale client agreement form can streamline paperwork requirements for institutional customers.


Available Clearers
  • ABN Amro
  • Bell Potter
  • Citi
  • JP Morgan
  • Macquarie
  • Pershing
  • UBS