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Update from the ASX Equity Derivatives team

Still working from home going into the new financial year, 2020 has been quite the year so far! The uncertainty continues with new challenges arising each day.

Robert Risk, Business Development Manager at Susquehanna recently joined Dawn Lay, Equity Derivatives Sales Manager, ASX to share his experience as a trader and discussed key challenges he observed for Market Makers in the current environment. Click on the video to watch.

SPI volumes ↑ 3% compared to July 2019

Options buy-side activity continues to grow, led by customers selling volatility and generating income - options volumes overall were down due to subdued retail client activity. 



'Nissan' (S&P/ASX Gross Total Return Index Future)

Increased trading activity in July with notional value of open interest approaching $500 million by the end of the month.

New ETO listings

Aristocrat Leisure Ltd & APA Group have been added to the list of Single Stock Options.

ALL and APA have commenced with expiries out to six months initially and minimum quote size of 50 contracts.

Assigned Market Makers 

Susquehanna and UBS

Market Makers

Mako has taken up obligations in 8 new ETO classes to take their total coverage to 60 underlyings.

FlexClear™ update

We currently have 7 institutional Clearers that are FlexClear ready, don’t hesitate to contact us for that list or any other questions you may have in regards to the service and the benefits it can offer to you.