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September update 

Just when you thought we were starting to get back to a little normality…let’s see what craziness the US Election may bring to the market. 

September 2020

  • September markets were a little more normal compared to March and June when dividend uncertainty was high and where we were heading was unclear. September brought about a more stable market, which was clearly evident in SPI roll activity. SPI volumes were up over 2.5% compared to pcp and it was the 5th largest SPI trading month on record.
  • Equity Options volumes were down for both Index and Single Stock some of this due to continued subdued retail client activity.

'Nissan' (S&P/ASX Gross Total Return Index Future) 

  • The ‘Nissan’ (S&P/ASX Gross Total Return Index Future) saw increased trading activity with over $1billion notional traded last month. September 20th was the 4th largest trading month for this contract.

FlexClear™ update

We currently have 7 institutional Clearers that are FlexClear ready, don’t hesitate to contact us for that list or questions you may have in regards to the anonymity, flexibility of strike and expiry date benefits FlexClear can offer.