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Individual stock derivatives

  • Equity options
  • Share LEPOs

Index options

  • S&P/ASX 200 index options
  • Index LEPOs
  • ASX SPI200™ index options
  • Index options - exercise timetable

Equity options

Underlying security Any share approved by ASX under guidelines for listing equity options
Security code The first three characters are the ASX code eg. BHP, the fourth and fifth character are the clearing code which is randomly assigned by the ASX. Some codes will include a sixth numerical character which is a clearing code randomly assigned by ASX.
Contract size Usually 100 shares per contract. This may be adjusted for rights, bonus issues and other capital adjustment events.
Tick size

$0.001 per share = $0.10 (contract size 100 shares) for premium below 1 cent.

$0.005 per share = $0.50 (contract size 100 shares) for premium of 1 cent or more.

Exercise style

American (Exercisable on or before expiry date) or European (Exercisable on the expiry date only)

Exercise price Generally set by ASX Clear subject to strike price intervals. Occasionally subject to an adjustment due to a corporate action by the underlying company.
Type Call and put options
Contract months As detailed in equity options expiry calendar
Expiry date

Monthly Contracts - 3rd Thursday of the calendar month. 

Weekly Contracts - Thursday

Both may change due to public holidays

Trading hours Normal trading 10.00am to 4.20pm (Sydney time). Late trading 4.20pm to 5.00pm and overseas trading in accordance with the ASX Market Rules
Settlement Physical delivery of underlying security

Share LEPOs (Low Exercise Price Option)

Contract specifications are identical to equity options, with exception of the below.

Exercise style European i.e. exercisable only on the last trading day.
Exercise price 1 cent per share.
Type Call option only.

S&P/ASX 200 index options XJO

Underlying index S&P/ASX 200 index
Security codes The first three characters are the ASX code e.g. XJO, the fourth and fifth characters are the clearing code randomly assigned by ASX. Certain codes include a sixth character which is always numeric.
Index multiplier $10. Each index point is equal to AUD $10.
Tick size Quoted as the number of points of the index. (Tick size 1.0 point)
Exercise style European, ie. exercisable only on expiry day.
Exercise intervals 25 Index points
Type Call and put options
Contract months March, June, September, December up to six quarter months ahead and serial months up to four non-financial quarter months ahead
Expiry day

Monthly Contracts - The third Thursday of the contract month, unless otherwise specified by ASX.

Weekly Contracts - Thursday, unless otherwise specified by ASX.

Last trading day Trading will cease at 12 noon on expiry Thursday. 
Trading hours 9.50am to 5.00pm and 5.30pm to 7.00pm (Sydney time)
Settlement Index options are cash settled using the opening price index calculation on expiry morning. This means trading will continue after the settlement price has been determined.
Settlement day The first business day following the Last Trading Day

Index LEPOs (Low exercise price option)

Contract specifications are identical to XJO index options, with exception of the below.

Type Call options only

ASX SPI 200™ index options

Contract unit Valued at A$25 per index point (e.g. A$150,000 at 6,000 index points).
Contract months ASX SPI 200™1 index options expire in the same calendar month as the underlying ASX SPI 200™1 index futures contract. Put and Call options available on existing ASX SPI 200™1 index futures contracts.
ASX SPI 200™1 index options available four quarter months ahead.
Commodity code AP
Listing date 02/05/2000
Minimum price movement 0.5 index points (A$12.50)
Exercise prices Set at intervals of 25 index points. New option exercise prices created automatically as the underlying futures contract price fluctuates.
Last trading day

The last day of trading of the underlying futures contract.

All trading in expiring contracts ceases at 12.00pm on the Last Trading Day. Non-expiring contracts will continue to trade as per the stated trading hours.2

Cash settlement price The cash settlement price of the underlying futures contract.
Trading hours 5.10pm – 7.00am and 9.50am – 4.30pm2 (during US daylight saving time)3
5.10pm – 8.00am and 9.50am – 4.30pm2 (during US non daylight saving time)3
Settlement day Options may be exercised on any business day up to and including the Last Trading Day.
Only ‘in-the-money’ options are automatically exercised at expiry, unless abandoned. Upon exercise, the holder will receive an underlying ASX SPI 200™1 index futures contract position at the option strike price.
Position limit None
Daily price limit None
CFTC approved Yes

1. ASX SPI 200™ is a trademark of the ASX Group.
2. Unless otherwise indicated, all times are Sydney times.
3. US daylight saving begins second Sunday in March and ends first Sunday in November

Index options - exercise timetable

Event Cash Flow
Last trading day Last day to trade the index for that contract month.
  • Opening price index calculation
  • No trading for contracts expiring in this contract month after 12 noon
  • Exercise notices lodged
  • Cash settled against the above index value.
Business day following Expiry
Cash settlement amount paid to buyers and paid by sellers of in-the-money options. Margins refunded to seller.