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ASX Refinitiv Charity Foundation

Supporting Australian children’s and medical research charities

Market participants unite - Trading day for charity

ASX, together with nabtrade, are proud to be supporting Australia’s first industry-wide trading day for charity on Thursday, 26 November 2020

ASX will donate the fees received on the day from cash market trading to the ASX Refinitiv Charity Foundation and nabtrade will donate a full day’s brokerage revenue to charity.

The ASX Refinitiv Charity Foundation will be donating 100% of the funds it receives from the trading day for charity to a range of Australia-based children’s, disability and medical research charities. They have donated over $30m over the years to charity.

Meet the charities

Meet the charities behind the trading for charity day as well as the sponsors and foundation who have made this event happen.

Track our donation

Keep track as the trades come in throughout the day and our donation amount increases. Check at the close for the final amount!

Total raised: $235,752

How you can get involved

We are calling on the collective power of the financial markets industry and its participants to donate a fixed amount, or a portion of revenue, to charity on 26 November 2020. Contact Paul Umbrazunas at the ASX Refinitiv Charity Foundation to get involved.

If you are an investor, we encourage you to support the participants listed below to help out Australians in need.

Thank you to the sponsoring participants 

Our charity partners