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ASX Investor Day

ASX's premier retail education event, empowering Australian investors with financial literacy and skills

Welcome to Investor Day May 2022

ASX Investor Day is a catered, full day event designed to provide investors of all knowledge levels with practical tools and knowledge to help improve your investment strategy and build your investing confidence.

With presentations from industry experts on a range of topics, ASX Investor Day is one event no investor should miss. Key topics covered on the day include:

  • An economic update to understand what is impacting markets
  • Top stock ideas to consider adding to your portfolio
  • How to access megatrends driving global markets
  • Finding hidden investment gems amid the fog of COVID, stimulus, inflation and war
  • And more…. 

On-demand investment insights

11 presentations

Headwinds and tailwinds driving the economy this year

Presented by nabtrade

Length 13:43

What a year! Covid restriction are easing, interest rate rises are looming, national elections are taking place and geopolitical tensions continue to drive uncertainty. In this session we will discuss how these factors and more may play out in markets and what they mean for investors going forward.

What's in store for the future of global property?

Presented by Resolution Capital

Length 16:18

Would you consider owning a piece of global property? This session will explore where one fund manager is finding opportunities in property around the world.

Finding the hidden investment gems amid the fog of COVID, stimulus, inflation and war

Presented by Perpetual

Length 15:47

As we inch towards the end of the covid pandemic the economic horizon has been transformed. Lockdowns and stimulus have upended the way we live and work as well as disrupted global supply chains and ushered in a surge of inflation. Added to rising geopolitical risk we think the investment landscape has altered dramatically and requires a new mindset. Perpetual will look at the contrarian investment opportunities likely to prosper in the changing environment ahead.

The psychology of buying and selling a stock

Presented by ASX

Length 13:01

Emotion can get in the way of any investment decision. This presentation will look at how investors and brokers try to separate emotion from the investment process and will discuss some of the key indicators that can be used when deciding to buy, hold or sell an investment.

From little things big things grow

Presented by Morgans

Length 14:02

Small and mid- cap stocks can present exciting opportunities for investors if the company is able to execute on its business plan. On the other hand, they may present a higher degree of risk than some investors are willing to accept. In this session we'll hear how this broker approaches small and mid-cap investing and the companies they believe present exciting investment opportunities.

Fireside chat: What can we learn from the rise of female and younger investors?

Presented by ASX, Vanguard

Length 18:28

In this session, our expert will explore the recent shift in investor profiles, covering the growth of younger investors to the rise of female investors. She will highlight the latest investing trends, including the rise of ethical investing and how investors are building diversified investment portfolios using ETFs.

Panel: How to invest in emerging trends

Presented by Bell Direct, BetaShares, Munro Partners, VanEck

Length 29:08

Our expert panellists will explore top emerging technology to watch in the years ahead. Whether it is blockchain, cloud computing or innovation in healthcare, discover the latest developments that will impact the way we live and work in the future, and how you can invest in these opportunities.

The key megatrends driving global markets

Presented by Fidelity

Length 14:55

This session will explore key megatrends driving markets from around the world, the sectors being impacted and where future outperformers are likely to be found.

How does your portfolio compare to other investors?

Presented by nabtrade

Length 13:43

Ever wondered what other investors are buying and selling? In this session nabtrade will take a look at the top stocks investors are buying and the key asset classes they are holding in their portfolio.

Investing for income in a low rate environment

Presented by PIMCO, Metrics Credit Partners, ASX

Length 17:57

Fixed income is the cornerstone of any diversified portfolio, however low interest with impending interest rate rises have made it difficult to invest in this asset class. In this session two managers will discuss where they see opportunties to generate income from fixed income and debt markets and key considerations for investors in the current interest rate environment.

Top investment insights from around the world

Presented by Bell Direct, Firetrail Investments, WAM Alternative Asset Management, Montaka Global Investments

Length 37:45

In the session we will hear how these experts in global and Australian equities build an investment thesis. They will share their top stock or asset class pick for the next 12 months and offer insights on where they see opportunities and risks in the year ahead.

Buy, Hold or Sell

Presented by Shaw and Partners

Length 32:29

How do you determine when to buy, hold or sell a stock? There isn’t always a single ‘right’ answer. This presentation is your chance to listen to our expert explain how they approach stock selection by highlighting their top shares to Buy, Hold or Sell.

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