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International companies

Australia’s large, fast-growing pension pool, main board listing and earlier entry to globally recognised indices makes ASX the exchange of choice for international companies. More than 270 international companies are listed on ASX.

International companies listed on ASX


total foreign listings








ASX Data, 1 July 2022

Dipping into a $3 trillion pool of capital

Australia: fifth largest pension pool globally

An attractive market for raising capital due to a compulsory superannuation system with a large percentage mandated for investment into ASX listed securities. Fuelled by a 10.2% p.a. 10-year compound average growth rate, superannuation assets are predicted to grow to over A$10 trillion by 2038.*

*Source: Deloitte

One of the world’s most active exchanges

Initial public offerings on ASX typically exceed 120 each year.

Main board listing at ASX

Access the full breadth of investors from retail to global institutions at ASX. In contrast, with a junior board listing at other exchanges, full access to the investor base can be more limited.

Early stage index inclusion

ASX has two globally recognised S&P indices, the S&P/ASX 300 and S&P/ASX 200. When a company enters an index, investment in its shares increases. Investment can continue to increase as the company’s weight in the index increases. At December 2019, access to the S&P/ASX 300 was gained at a US$214 market capitalisation versus US$8.2bn for the S&P 500.

Overcome home market constraints

An ASX listing can overcome local constraints such as: smaller public markets, a different investor risk profile to Australia or more limited listed peer groups for growth companies. A dual listing provides your company with access to liquidity and investors in both your home market and on ASX.

Get attention sooner

Large home markets can mean that earlier-stage companies, with $1 billion market capitalisation or less, can struggle to get investor attention. ASX can provide access to capital, global indices and act as a springboard into your home market.

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