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Energy derivatives

Manage risk or gain exposure to key energy markets in Australia and New Zealand

Harness the power of energy trading

As the physical energy markets in Australia and New Zealand continue to develop and evolve, energy market participants are managing newer and more complex risks than ever before.

ASX has over 80 energy contracts available across the Australian and New Zealand electricity and gas markets. Trading on ASX24, energy futures and options are standardised, centrally cleared contracts structured as cash-settled contracts for difference (CFD). Use them to hedge a physical position, protect your business against price fluctuations, or gain exposure to markets unrelated to equities, foreign exchange or interest rates.


Futures and options providing exposure to key nodes in the Australian and New Zealand electricity markets.

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Contract specifications


Natural gas futures providing exposure to prices at Australian gas hubs in Victoria and Queensland.

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Contract specifications

Introductory energy training videos

Market maker arrangements

ASX offers market making incentives to promote liquidity in the Benmore and Otahuhu Base Load Electricity Futures markets, in the form of a share of a revenue pool.

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