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Grain derivatives

ASX Grains futures and options may be a cost-effective way to manage risk, protect your business against volatility, secure future cash flows or capitalise on changing market prices 

Discover fresh opportunities

Grain has been a major agricultural export for Australia for more than a century. Recognised for the quality of our product, Australian grains remain structurally important to the global market.

At ASX, we are committed to the Australian grains industry. This means working with our customers and industry representatives to build and deliver effective products to service the market.

If you have an interest in Australian grain, then you and your business may benefit from ASX Grains – used by growers, mills, feedlots, bulk handlers, exporters and traders, among others.


Delivery procedures

ASX grain futures allow you to lodge grain as physically deliverable stock, then make or take physical delivery if you wish. 

Market essentials

ASX Grains maturity calendar

ASX has developed a Contract Maturity and Delivery Dates calendar for you to keep close at hand on your desktop. Printed copies are also available for order.